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Nebraska City Name List

This is the list of Cities in Nebraska. The zip code, county and city are displayed in the list. You can click the City Name to get 5-digit zip code and 5-digit plus 4 zip code.

The primary city name as designated by the United States Postal Service. The USPS designates cities in all uppercase (ie. NEW YORK). The Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located.

CountyCityZIP Code
Butler CountyABIE68001
Gage CountyADAMS68301
Brown CountyAINSWORTH69210
Boone CountyALBION68620
Hall CountyALDA68810
Jefferson CountyALEXANDRIA68303
Dixon CountyALLEN68710
Box Butte CountyALLIANCE69301
Harlan CountyALMA68920
Furnas CountyALMENA67622
Cass CountyALVO68304
Holt CountyAMELIA68711
Dodge CountyAMES68621
Buffalo CountyAMHERST68812
Morrill CountyANGORA69331
Blaine CountyANSELMO68813
Custer CountyANSLEY68814
Furnas CountyARAPAHOE68922
Custer CountyARCADIA68815
Merrick CountyARCHER68816
Sioux CountyARDMORE57735
Washington CountyARLINGTON68002
Custer CountyARNOLD69120
Arthur CountyARTHUR69121
Cherry CountyASHBY69333
Cass CountyASHLAND68003
Howard CountyASHTON68817
Holt CountyATKINSON68713
Phelps CountyATLANTA68923
Nemaha CountyAUBURN68305
Clay CountyAURORA68818
Cass CountyAVOCA68307
Kearney CountyAXTELL68924
Adams CountyAYR68925
Burt CountyBANCROFT68004
Gage CountyBARNESTON68309
Wheeler CountyBARTLETT68622
Red Willow CountyBARTLEY69020
Brown CountyBASSETT68714
Madison CountyBATTLE CREEK68715
Banner CountyBAYARD69334
Gage CountyBEATRICE68310
Furnas CountyBEAVER CITY68926
Seward CountyBEAVER CROSSING68313
Butler CountyBEE68314
Cuming CountyBEEMER68716
Cedar CountyBELDEN68717
Boone CountyBELGRADE68623
Sarpy CountyBELLEVUE68005
Butler CountyBELLWOOD68624
Thayer CountyBELVIDERE68315
Polk CountyBENEDICT68316
Dundy CountyBENKELMAN69021
Lancaster CountyBENNET68317
Douglas CountyBENNINGTON68007
Gosper CountyBERTRAND68927
Deuel CountyBIG SPRINGS69122
Garden CountyBINGHAM69335
Adams CountyBLADEN68928
Washington CountyBLAIR68008
Knox CountyBLOOMFIELD68718
Franklin CountyBLOOMINGTON68929
Adams CountyBLUE HILL68930
Gage CountyBLUE SPRINGS68318
Howard CountyBOELUS68820
Douglas CountyBOYS TOWN68010
Hamilton CountyBRADSHAW68319
Lincoln CountyBRADY69123
Butler CountyBRAINARD68626
Blaine CountyBREWSTER68821
Banner CountyBRIDGEPORT69336
Boyd CountyBRISTOW68719
Morrill CountyBROADWATER69125
Nemaha CountyBROCK68320
Custer CountyBROKEN BOW68822
Nemaha CountyBROWNVILLE68321
Keith CountyBRULE69127
Fillmore CountyBRUNING68322
Butler CountyBRUNO68014
Antelope CountyBRUNSWICK68720